Colorado Market Data

Industrial property sales have been up year-over-year in 2020, unlike the retail and office sectors, steadily outperforming retail and office, which was down around 63%.  In fact, Industrial sales have more than countered the decrease in the other sectors, particularly due to the increase in warehouse spaces created by a surge in online commerce.

Mobile Home Parks have become another rare jewel in commercial, a recession-proof facet that has far outperformed multi-family in 2020.  Institutional park purchases are at an all-time high, with many fund managers realizing that the high returns on Mobile Home Parks is unparalleled in any part of the economy, including all real estate and the stock markets.  Now is an ideal time to get in on the game where you have the lucky combination of decreasing supply (no new parks being built inside city limits), lot rents that are across the board well below the market rate, and a sustained demand with ample essential jobs in this income bracket.  What this means is that mobile home parks have collected 91% of regular rental income during the pandemic, compared to 35%-40% of normal in multifamily apartments, which are sustained by jobs which have been particularily hard-hit.   

About me

 Martin French, a licensed commercial real estate broker specializing in Industrial, Mobile Home Parks, and leases of all property types, began his career in construction and real estate at Empire Staple Company in Denver, CO in 1990.  He then worked at Southshore Corporation building a waterpark and leading the team which did the irrigation as well as the foundation of the concessions building.  He graduated from Colorado College in Colorado, Springs, CO, a top-25 rated school in the US, where he took Economics coursework.  After working for a company doing adaptive reuse of historical office spaces into condominiums in downtown Philadelphia, PA, and selling business books at a major pre-Barnes and Noble bookstore, he moved to Seattle, WA and studied Urban Planning at University of Washington.  He worked in sales and bookkeeping for twenty years, assisting in a major investor's audit of a company that sold for an historic price, and helping launch renovated bookkeeping systems for a manufacturing firm that makes parts for several Colorado aerospace companies.  He worked at RV Horizons, the fifth largest owner of mobile home parks in the U.S., and was a leasing specialist for several apartment buildings in Greenwood Village, CO, as well as a maintenance manager for a rapidly growing multifamily business in Colorado.  Martin studied Real Estate Appraisal at Appraisal Institute, specializing in Highest and Best Use and Commercial Property Marketing, and is licensed in the State of Colorado as a Real Estate Broker.

At KW Commercial, Martin combines the international reach of the most profitable real estate company in the US with local expertise.  He is passionate about knowing the latest market data and is a tenacious and skilled negotiator who will get you the most features and the best price to allow your employees to be highly productive for the years to come.  He has a knack for making the numbers work and getting deals closed without delays. 

He enjoys hiking, skiing and travel, and lives in Denver, Colorado.  He grew up in Denver, Summit, and El Paso Countiesand has travelled extensively throughout the state.  

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